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    Babycare Pack MUSTELA exclusive offer parapharmanet SPECIAL PARAPHARMACY OFFER MUSTELA PRODUCTS contents - 2 in 1 Hair and Body Mustela - Vitamin Barrier Cream 100 ml tube MUSTELA - 1 hydra bébé face cream 40 ml - Extra-thick Cleansing Wipes MUSTELA 70 wipes

    20,38 €
  • NUXURIANCE body anti ageing cream global care jar 200 ml...

    NUXURIANCE Ultra luxurious body cream global anti aging product.anti-âge global.  nuxe body product  nourishes, replenishes and firms body from 50 years old All skin types cares, complete skin care jar 200 ml

    51,99 €
  • PHYTOCOLOR Shampoo COLOR Protection Phytocolor care...

    PHYTOCOLOR CARE the shampoo phytocolor protector of color. New product haircare of Phytosolba for a shampoo which protects the tint of your hair. Innovation by Phyto COLOR Flask 250 ml

    8,99 €
  • Diaper cream baby 123 50ml tube pack 3*50 mlMUSTELA

    DIAPER Cream MUSTELA baby 123 pack of 3 tubes 50 ml MUSTELA Cream diaper 123 patented innovation of the laboratory Mustela has a triple action: 1 Warns, 2 Relieve, 3 Repair the irritations and the red patches of the seat of the babies. A complete care of the gluteal skin. from birth on pack of 3*Tube of 50 ml

    10,99 €
  • NUXE ABSOLU de parfum prodigieux 30 ml parfum de NUXE

    New perfume NUXE ABSOLUTE perfume, a perfume PRODIGIOUS by Nuxe. Discover the absolute on-line, new interpretation of NUXE. Nuxe's legendary prodigious fragrance. Absolute prodigious magic in an original and innovative fragrance oil texture. Innovation Nuxe, new sensual experience of an intense and absolute fragrance. Spray bottle 30 ml

    59,75 €
  • Pack BepanthenVergetures 4 tubes 600 ml BAyer

    SPECIAL OFFER PACH PREGNANCY : 4 tubes = 65 euros !!! BepanthenVergeture has a triple action anti-stretch mark : prevents the appearance of stretch marks, hydrate and feeds the skin, strengthens the cutaneous barrier. BepanthenVergeture ® was specially formulated to answer to the needs of your skin during the pregnancy and after the childbirth Pack of...

    60,00 €
  • PHYTOJOBA JELLY moisturizing care gel dry hair 150 ml...

    PHYTOJOBA moisturizing care gel  jelly of care 150 ml Phytosolba, Care product hydrating for dry hair.Delicate texture, a good care to be hair which find flexibility and shine, the hair is immediately hydrated and protected.Flask spray of 150 ml

    13,80 €
  • Cleansing Pack MUSTELA BABY PRODUCTS and cares

    This cleansing pack mustela, special offer parapharmanet contents : -1 baby soft shampoo mustela flask 200 ml normal skin, - 1 cleansing milk mustela flask pump 200 ml mustela dry skin, - 1 fresh water spray 200 ml MUSTELA normal skin; - 1 fill of 70 wipes cleansing musteala special diaper normal skin- 1 massage oil mustela flask spray 100 ml, normal skin

    28,85 €

    Pack Mustela Basics : this exclusive offer parapharmanet, and special offer parapharmacy contents : - Cleansing water no rinse Mustela normal skin flask pump 300 ml, - Shampoo Baby 200 ml soft normal skin , - Cream for diaper 50 ml, - Hydra Baby face Mustela normal skin tube of 40 ml

    21,90 €
  • RESPIR Nose and Mouth SANTAROME ORGANIC BUDS santarome

    Respir'Nose and Mouth, tri-complex of buds Respiration ORGANIC, of Santarome. Charming Association, Bramble and Alder helps you breathe better by releasing the airways. Macerated buds, ultra-concentrated elixir ORGANIC anti-inflammatory, effective against coughs, stuffy nose and small ailments of winter. Dropper bottle of 30 ml Made in France

    14,99 €
  • NUXE BOX BEAUTY REVEALED by Nuxe Christmas gift

    NUXE BOX The Beauty revealed christmas gift box 20184 Nuxe products presented in a beautiful beauty box, offer the ideal gift.Nuxe for a unique sensory experience with these 4 emblems of pleasure.The beauty revealed 4 iconic products: prodigious oil 100 ml, 100ml shower oil, prodigious, fresh beauty cream30 ml facial care normal skin Prodigious candle of...

    25,95 €
  • Sun Kit BariéSun URIAGE

    1  Cream Spf 50+ 50 ML/tube Bariésun Uriage + 1After-sun Rapairing Balm Bariésun 150 ML /tube

    19,99 €
  • DERMABSOLU redensifying tinted cream anti ageing face...

    DermAbsolu redensifying tinted cream, Avene anti-ageing facial. Good-looking effect.Dermabsolu Avène Foundation Cream offers SPF protection of 30.This treatment is suitable for all types of sensitive skin.Dermabsolu is a skincare range dedicated to mature skin. tube pump 40 ml

    30,98 €

    Pack New born Mustela prodcuts & baby's care. SPECIAL PARAPHARMACY OFFER, this Pack mustela contents : - 1 fill of 70 cleansing wipes special diaper MUSTELA normal skin, - 1 soft cleansing gel normal skin flask pump 500 ml, - 1 no rinse cleansing water normal skin flask pump 300 ml, - 1 Cream diaper tube of 50 ml

    21,90 €
  • Minceur 24 Strong (Day/ Night) PACK of 2 boxes Forte Pharma

    Minceur 24 Strong (old formula slim 24+ Day/ Night), lost of weight. reinforced efficency : new formula enriched in elastine & collagene 10 years success in slim product day action : calories combustion and deep elimination night action : glucides regulation and Firms up the silhouette. food supplement PACK of 2 boxes of 28 tablets each Forte Pharma

    25,90 €
  • NUXURIANCE GOLD oil cream nutri fortifiying anti ageing jar 50 ml NUXE
    NUXURIANCE GOLD oil cream nutri fortifiying anti ageing...

    NUXURIANCE GOLD oil cream nutri-fortifying car, absolute anti ageing product for dry skins.This Nutri-Fortifying Cream-Oil combines the power of Safran and Bougainvillea's Bi-Floral® Cells, Porcelain Rose Oléactif® and a natural nutri-reconstituting complex for an absolute anti-aging power.Day after day, the skin becomes stronger and firmer.Wrinkles are...

    54,49 €

    PHYTALGIC joints capital is a Natural anti-pain treatment  food supplement SPECIAL OFFER PHYTALGIC PACK OF 6 BOXES OF 45 CAPSULES

    53,99 €
  • TIME FILLER NIGHT multi correction night cream 50 ml FILORGA
    TIME FILLER NIGHT multi correction night cream 50 ml FILORGA

    TIME FILLER NIGHT Filorga 50ml, daily anti-wrinkle facial care, night cream multi correction wrinkles. The Time filler night treatment is a filorga lisssant and defatigant visible from the first awakening. Boost cellular repair processes overnight to regain younger looking skin. Multi-correction of wrinkles thanks to the TIME Filler complex, best seller...

    47,95 €
  • The essential pack MUSTELA products and babies cares

    The indispensable pack Mustela. This parapharmacy exclusive offer pack mustela parapharmanet products & baby's care contents all you need for baby : - Shampoo soft baby Mustela flask 200 ml normal skin - 1 no rinse cleansing waternormal skin 500 ml Mustela flask pump 500 ml, - 1 fill of  70 cleansing wipes special for diaper  MUSTELA normal skin - 1...

    23,33 €
  • NCEF NIGHT MASK FILORGA anti wrinkles face mask gel supreme multi correction 50 ml
    NCEF NIGHT MASK FILORGA anti wrinkles face mask gel...

    NCEF-NIGHT MASK, new facial care intense regeneration FILORGA, 50ml jar. Complement NCTF range, E for encapsulated. A night mask has translucent pink gel texture, no smell, ultra-fast penetration, no sticky effect. First night mask with instant penetration for an ultra-regenerating efftet in 7 nights. jar 50 ml

    48,95 €

    MUSTELA KIT SOLAR PROTECTION SOLAIRE FIRST SUNNY WE, cleansing water no rinse 100ml, face and diaper area, face sun lotion 40 ml SPF 50, gentle cleansing gel hair and body 100ml, natural origin 3 products one set : BATH - CLEANSING -SUN PROTECTION

    12,95 €
  • OXYGEN GLOW super perfecting radiance cream face care 50 ml FILORGA
    OXYGEN GLOW super perfecting radiance cream face care 50...

    New range Filorga, OXYGEN GLOW super perfecting radiance cream for young skin 30-45 years and at a low price, Discover the cream Oxygen glow super perfector shine FILORGA. For skin tinted with porcelain, the skin is beautiful under all the light, no need of filter instagram, thanks to the action ZERO defect intensive. Oxygen glow erases all defects in...

    31,89 €
  • Special Offer Wipes MUSTELA 2 wipes + 1 diaper cream mustela

    SPECIAL OFFER Wipes MUSTELA : PACK of 2 refills of wipes + 1 diaper cream 100 ml care baby mustela pack promotion specific on pharmacy and parapharmacy parapharmanet

    13,65 €
  • DODIE WIPES soft dermo soothing cleansing wipes 70 baby 's wipes
    DODIE WIPES soft dermo soothing cleansing wipes 70 baby...

    Dodie range hygiene and baby care: cleansing wipes gently dermo-soothing. 3 in 1: seat, face and hands hypoallergenic baby product, paraben free, alcohol free, phenoxyethanol free Made in France Pack of 70 wipes, large size

    2,99 €
  • Cleansing soothing wipes fragrance free Mustela pack of 3...

    MUSTELA Very sensitive skin products : CLEANSING SOOTHING WIPES wipes Mustela fragrance free Mustela for Baby.This wipe Mustela is without fragrance free and hypoallergenic.The cleansing soothing wipes clean and calm from the birth.High cutaneous tolerance.Wipes without paraben. Wipes Baby Mustela cleansing soothing fragrance free Mustela special offer...


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