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  • Aromatherapy essential oil

    Aromatherapy essential Oil Essential quality oil, stemming from the organic farming, has a beneficial influence on the health. Docteur Valnet Aromathérapie Rescue Fleurs de Bach Esculape Omega Pharma Aromathera PURESSENTIEL 41 ASSAINISSANT & PURESSENTIEL 19 RESPIRATOIRE

  • Phytothérapie canine

    My dog has the fragile liver, some plants can do good to him. As at the man we can recommend certain treatments of herbal medicine in the sick dogs or the ages the hepatic functioning of which is disrupted.

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  • Médicaments Spécialités Pharmaceutiques

    Medicines and patent medicines are available only in pharmacy. The delivery of medicines can be made with or over the counter in function or not of the membership in a list. This delivery of medicines is made in pharmacy by a pharmacist. Only a pharmacist healthcare professional can in view of your prescription and of your histories, to judge the good...

  • News Ansm : maintenance contact lenses

    News Ansm : maintenance contact lenses 03 january 2014 The solutions of maintenance of corrective lenses must be dressed  in the marking IT for more information: ansm in January 03rd, 2014

  • Vitamins

    THE  VITAMINS: absolutely essential Vitamins are indispensable to the smooth running of our body. They have some and various functions, often complex. Vitamins have an action in small doses and every vitamin in a specific role. There are 13 vitamins in the current state of the knowledge. With the exception of 2 vitamins (Vitamin K and Vitamin D) we...

  • Vitamine A

    Vitamin A the vitamin A helps to keep a beautiful skin and to maintain its capital vision. We find it in: Fruits and vegetables of orange color: carrot, Apricot... The animal products: butter, Egg Our needs: We need of 800µg a day is the quantity brought by: - 10 g of chicken liver - 110 g of butter - 68 g of carrots


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