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  • Pouxit Easy foam without rinse Cooper

    POUXIT EASY treatment Anti-lices and slow 100 ml Cooper Pouxit easy suffocates the lice, product anti-lice, without rinsing, effective 100 %. Pouxit easy is endowed with a new formula with Activdiol. It is easy to apply thanks to its light foam, Flask foams of 100 ml


    POUXIT PROTECT ANTI LICE SPRAY 200ml. Protection Anti lice from 6 months. Pouxit Protect protects lice's infestations. New product anti-lice without insecticidal, odourless. Flask spray of 200ml allows 1 month of protection product for hair

    6,66 €
  • Mag 2 24H MAGNESIUM VITAMINE B6 45 tablets

    MAG 2 24 hours with VITAMINS B6 & MAGNESIUM,45 Tablets. Food supplement in the marine magnesium 300mg and vitamin B6 2 mg. MAG 2 is prolonged-release, administration in 1 GRIP a day. Mag 2 productof health indicate in case of nervousness, tyreness and muscular tyreness. Box of 45 tablets

    4,58 €
  • Children Skin INSECT ECRAN anti mosquitoes protection 100 ml

    Repulsive INSECT screen skin Infested Zones Children from 6 months 100 ml. Protection anti-mosquitoes during 8 hours.Protection Anti-mosquitoes, and, ticksFormulated with IR3535 in 10 %, it repulsive offers an immediate protection against mosquitoes and ticks. His non-greasy, odourless formula and without conservative was designed specially to be used...

    5,41 €
  • INSECT ECRANinfested areas children and babies anti...

    Insect Ecran spray 100 ml infested Zones Tiger mosquito, from 24 months. Insect screen acts on the ticks, the mosquitoes and phlebotomes.Product  anti-mosquitoes for adults and children. Repulsive applicable on the skin. Protection assured during at least 8 hours.Protection Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya France and foreign countriesComposition:diéthyltoluamide...

    4,96 €
  • INSECT ECRAN After stings gel tube of 20 G

    Insect Ecran After Stings mosquitoes, bees, fleas, ants, stinging nettles ....Immediate action, gel calming after stings from 3 years. Relieve effectively the pain after sting. tube of 20G

    4,32 €

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