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  • NOVASTEROL with plants sterols Sanofi 1 month treatment

    Novasterol  with plants sterols Sanofi 1 month treatment Novasterol  reduces your rate of blood cholesterol Novasterol program 28 days food complement pack of 2 boxes of 28 bags Novasterol

  • Lipophytea L112 Phytea Dispositif médical

    Medical device of class III Lipophytea  reduces the absorption of calories resulting from food, adsorbing fats lipid Box of 48 tablets

  • NOVATEROL with plants sterols Sanofi

    NOVASTEROL hypocholestérolémiant in the plant stérols Sanofi Novasterol reduces your rate of blood cholesterol Novastérol program 14 days food complement box of 28 bags Novasterol

  • Red Yeast Rice + Santé verte

    Red Yeast Rice + Santé verte Yeast of Red Rice green Health helps to reduce naturally the cholesterol (Monacoline K, Acid chlorogénique, Policosanol, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E)  food complement 30 tablets

    14,29 €
  • Forté Bio detox LIVER drinkables Vials

    Forté Bio Détox liver vial Drinkable herbal medicine Produced ORGANIC Forté to drink to detoxify with black radish, Birch and Desmodium of Africa favors the elimination of toxin so the hepatic drainage and the detoxification is favored Natural taste, without colouring agent, without conservative, without sweetening Food complement Box of 20 vials of 10 ml

    9,98 €

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