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  • RESPIR Nose and Mouth SANTAROME ORGANIC BUDS santarome

    Respir'Nose and Mouth, tri-complex of buds Respiration ORGANIC, of Santarome. Charming Association, Bramble and Alder helps you breathe better by releasing the airways. Macerated buds, ultra-concentrated elixir ORGANIC anti-inflammatory, effective against coughs, stuffy nose and small ailments of winter. Dropper bottle of 30 ml Made in France

  • Physiodose. Physiological serum
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    Physiodose. Physiological serum

    Physiological serum Nasal and eye solution 40 sterile single doses of 5 ML +5 FREE

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  • Pediakid syrup Nose - Throat Honey Lemon

    Syrup Nose throat Pediakid -Lemon HoneyProduct of Health in the extracts of thyme and black elder calming respiratory tracts (noses, bronchi).Primrose, Mallow, Lime tree, Acérola, Ginger and Propolis loosen respiratory tracts.Charmingly flavored in the honey and in concentrated nature of lemon.Food complementSyrup flask 125 ml

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  • Acti'Rub SACHETS sante verte ACTIRUB

    > Narrow-minded nose > Nose which flows > Sore throat > Headache Natural, Fast, Effective  without side effects On base of andrographis Food supplement on base of plants and vitamins box of 15 bags

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  • Physiodose. Physiological serum

    Shampoo Lice Nits oils essential organic Lavender Parasidose Shampoo in the essential oil of Organic lavender, care anti lice, anti nits for hair. Shampoo to use after a treatment anti-lice.  frequent use Tube of 200 ml

  • Acti'Rub Spray Nasal fl 20 ml Santé verte ACTIRUB

    Acti' Rub Spray Nasal fl 20 ml green Health has a triple efficiency to facilitate the breath, in a fast and long-lasting way, relieving congestion in case of cold Acti' rub spray is with assets of natural origin, hypertonic solution to the salt of Dead Sea (8 plants and minerals). Its size( poaches allows to take it everywhere Flask 20 ml

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  • CLIMAROME Respiratory tracts Cares Doctor VALNET

    Climarome Respiratory tracts Health Care's Product Doctor VALNET The natural inhalation in ORGANIC essential oil. ORGANIC care. Organic essential oil of lavender, niaouli, pine, mint and thyme flask 50 ml

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  • Essential oil Eucalyptus globulus Organic DoctorValnet

    ORGANIC essential oil Eucalyptus Globulus Docteur Valnet: distant the coolings, on the respiratory system in distribution and in massage on the thorax. Expectorante, and mucolytique it is very used in case of colds, sinusitis and bronchitises.Essentials oils 100% pure and natural, cultivating according to the rules of organic farming Organic certified 10...

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  • Organic Essential oil Niaouli Dr Valnet

    ORGANIC essential oil Docteur Valnet  : Niaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora)Niaouli can be used for : A powerful respiratory, urinary and digestive disinfectant. Niaouli is also expectorante and anti-infective. Niaouli is energizing and immunostimulantEssentials oils 100% pure and natural, cultivating according to the rules of organic farmingOrganic certified...

    4,73 €

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