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  • Paranix Répulsif anti-louses preventive spray

    Paranix Répulsif anti-louses preventive spray repulsive paranix in a preventive action against the contamination by the louses. Paranix contains of the IR3535 substance which takes away the louses. This care is a repulsive product which respects the hair and possesses a pleasant smell. Flask spray of 100 ml

    5,97 €
  • PARANIX spray + COMB Treatment anti-lice and slow

    Spray bottle contents 100 ml + COMB

    10,99 €
  • Paranix Shampoo treatment anti-poux & lices

    Paranix Shampoo treatment anti-louses and slow new shampoo treating PARANIX, eliminates the louses and slow so easy as to wash himself hair. Effective 100 % against the louses. insecticide free comb inside flask 200 ml

    9,99 €
  • PARANIX SENSITIVE Treatment anti-lices and nits

    Paranix Sensitive Treatment anti-lice and nits by Paranix Paranix Sensitive is a lotion anti lices and nits soft for the skin. Paranix Sensitive élimine100 % of the lices and the slow in 1 application only. The formula doubles action of Paranix Sensitive with Cyclophthirine allows to eliminate the lice in all the stages  of their life cycle. Flask 150...

    11,79 €
  • PARANIX spray without COMB

    Paranix Spray new formula Paranix Spray 100 ml. T reatment anti-lice and slow effective 100 % in one step, treatment in 15 minutes has to leave of 2 years, Without Insecticide. Paranix until 4 applications, odourless.

    9,90 €
  • PARANIX spray without COMB

    Precious water lotion 375 ml Care product hygiene face, precious water. The lotion precious water for cutaneous application, is a care for the purity of the skin. Cleanses and cleans up the skin, the care of skins with imperfections or acne-prone skins. Dermatologically tested. Product made in France Flask 375ml

    9,90 €
  • PARANIX SENSITIVE Treatment anti-lices and nits

    Pen anti-itching Mosquitoes and Stinging nettles without battery Firm Marque verte This pen is usable thousands of times, to relieve the itches of the bites of mosquitoes and plants (stinging nettles). Work without battery Medical device lists IIa, marks CE0051 made in Italy

    11,79 €

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