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  • NOVASTEROL with plants sterols Sanofi 1 month treatment

    Novasterol  with plants sterols Sanofi 1 month treatment Novasterol  reduces your rate of blood cholesterol Novasterol program 28 days food complement pack of 2 boxes of 28 bags Novasterol

  • NOVATEROL with plants sterols Sanofi

    NOVASTEROL hypocholestérolémiant in the plant stérols Sanofi Novasterol reduces your rate of blood cholesterol Novastérol program 14 days food complement box of 28 bags Novasterol

  • NOVALGIC strong joints treatment 30 capsules Sanofi

    STRONG NOVALGIC JOINTS 30 Capsules Sanofi. Novalgic treatment care of the joints, taken care flexibility and mobility of the joints (Harpagophytum), the manganese. Treatment of 1 month: 1 capsule / day Food complement Box of 30 capsules

  • NOVANUIT Sleep Sanofi 30 capsules

    NOVANUIT sleep is a food supplement for sleep by SANOFI sante (health).Novanuit has three actions : relaxation (Passiflora extracted), facilitate the falling asleep (melatonin) and decreases the night-awakenings (Poppy of California and Balm) Program of 15 days Novanuit Box of 30 capsules

    7,95 €

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