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  • Soap Bar NOBACTER 100 g

    Soap bar NOBACTER 100 g sensitive Skins. Problem skins Care all  skins types, Face and Body Cleans and cleanses the skin bar soap 100 g

  • After-Shave Balm. NOBACTER

    Balm after shaving NOBACTER Calms immediately the sensation of fire of the razor. Hydrate the dried out skin and restores its hydrolipidic coat.  Eases the skin irritated by the shaving Thanks to its antibacterial action, it cleans up the skin and warns the appearance of cutaneous imperfections. Not comedogenic. High tolerance: hypoallergenic, without...

  • Shaving Gel NOBACTER 150 ml

    Shaving gel NOBACTER shaving of the sensitive skins and the problem skins. The Gel Nobacter has a triple action : - antibacterial: limit the risks of cutaneous imperfections - moisturizing: eases the skin and reduces the fireof the razor  - protector:  limit the risks of micro-cuts. Captivating texture adapted to the difficult beards. High tolerance...

    5,37 €
  • Shaving Cream. NOBACTER

    Shaving foam NOBACTER shaving of the sensitive skins and the problem skins. Antibacterial action which limits the risks of cutaneous imperfections Hydration of the skin Shaving products Nobacter Limits the irritations for a shaving gently. Spray flask 150 ml

    5,33 €

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