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  • Shock Apaisyl - MERCK
    Out of stock
    Shock Apaisyl - MERCK

    Cream Gel Contents 50 ml/tube

    4,16 €
  • Baby Apaisyl After sting care - MERCK

    specially formulated to help rapidly soothe itching skin ( cause by insect bites,plants,.) thaks to the original combination of specific ctive ingredients with calming,soothing and moisturizing properties For children after 3 months old Contents 30 ml/tube

    4,16 €
  • Organic Essential oil peppermint Dr Valnet

    ORGANIC essential oil Docteur Valnet  : peppermintpeppermint can be used for : For a perfect, tonic digestion, dynamisante, analgesic, anesthetic, quiet migraines and nauseaEssentials oils 100% pure and natural, cultivating according to the rules of organic farmingOrganic certified 10 ml bottle, so about 400 drops

    7,56 €
  • CINQ SUR CINQ ANTI TICKS lotion anti ticks efficient 6...

    An anti-ticks product! Anti tick spray five out of five, anti tick lotion is also effective on mosquitoes. Spray anti ticks the gesture of prevention against borreliosis including Lyme disease. Efficiency 6 hours from 12 months. spray 100 ml

    5,88 €
  • first Aid kit first emergency URGO

    First Aid Kit First emergencies boo-boo, scratch, bump elaborated by URGO My big box for little boo-boo, contains a mix of urgo's products. A red metal box easily recognizable.

    10,41 €
  • Ointment Tendinitis sport Les chochottes tube 75 ml

    Ointment Tendinitis sport Les chochottes tube 75 ml Relieve, strains, muscular strains, articular fragilities, and tendinous. Strongly qualitative assertion: Gaultherie and Awara, amplified by the stimulating effect of the arnica on the blood circulation. itstexture in the form of ointment assures an optimal absorption. tube 75 ml

    8,16 €
  • Soothing & repairing Santé Verte Organic Aloe Vera Santé...

    Gel soothing & Regenrating in Aloe Vera Bio from laboratories Santé Verte. this gel for skin use  with rehydrating properties & protective virtues contains  97% d'Aloe Vera organic. Produit certifié Ecocert Suitable for sensitive skin face & body care's product non sticky texture Made in France Tube 150 ml

    7,82 €
  • Plaster Red Clay Bruises les Chochottes tube 75 ml

    Plaster Red Clay Bruises les Chochottes tube 75 ml To warn the formation of blues, bumps and inflammations. Natural plaster in the red clay, the oil and the hydroglycolic extracts of arnica, linen, licorice, red vineyard, etc..... tube 75 ml

    6,33 €
  • Pack first Aid kit first emergency Gilbert

    Pack first Aid kit first emergency Gilbert First Aid Kit with  small dimensions size, supple , easy to take everywhere, beach, gone hiking or to have by car. First Aid kit complete for superficial wounds. The first-aid kit is a kit of the main part for the everyday life.

    6,66 €
  • Organic Essential oil Italian Helichryse 5 ml Doctor Valnet

    ORGANIC essential oil Docteur Valnet Italian Helichryse 5 ml : . Italian Helichryse can be used for :Reduce bruises, real Aromatic, astringent arnica. Healing - Anti-couperose.Essentials oils 100% pure and natural, cultivating according to the rules of organic farmingOrganic certified 5 ml bottle, so about 200 drops

    23,60 €
  • ROLL-ON of MASSAGE ARNICA and essential Oil Arkopharma
    Out of stock
    ROLL-ON of MASSAGE ARNICA and essential Oil Arkopharma

    ROLL-ON of MASSAGE ARNICA and essential Oil Arkopharma. Roll-on formulated to relieve and calm the zones of tensions. It gets a sensation of general relaxation. Essential oil 100 % pure and natural (Katrafay, lemony Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine). Flask of 60ml

    6,66 €
  • Spray'dol Joints muscles Santé Verte

    Spray dol joints Muscles Tendons Knocks & bruises Sante Verte Spray dol in 9 essential oil and plant extracts (menthol, arnica, harpagophytum, camphor) external Use  immediate Effect, fast penetration Spray 100 ml

    7,49 €
  • Cramp control Complexe ATPquine NutréoV

    > Facilitate the muscular relaxation> Complex ATPquine, marine magnesium and Vitamin B6Food complementBox of 30 Capsules

    5,42 €
  • PROTEOCHOC 12 capsules PILEJE récupération post choc

    PROTEOCHOC 12 capsules PILEJE recovery post choc. Protéochoc, food complement in the oil of borage and Porphyral HSP ( Breton food seaweed), treatment of supportsof the shocks, the traumas situations of with 12 capsules

    7,68 €
  • C ZEN 30 tablets C Zen nauseous states

    C Zen nauseous states is a food complement. it contains of the ginger which contributes to protect your digestive well-being. The ginger contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system. He allows to reduce the sensation of discomfort, in particular the nausea, by car, boat or plane. food supplementbox with 30 tablets

    4,64 €
  • Cicabio Lotion Bioderma antibacterial care

    BIODERMA CICABIO LOTION: Drying repairing lotionoozing, irritated damaged skin- restores the epidermis-relieves the discomfort of the lesionAntibacterial, fragrance free. Contents 40 ml/bottle

    5,83 €
  • INSECT ECRAN After stings gel tube of 20 G

    Insect Ecran After Stings mosquitoes, bees, fleas, ants, stinging nettles ....Immediate action, gel calming after stings from 3 years. Relieve effectively the pain after sting. tube of 20G

    4,32 €
  • TEGAROME Damaged skin product Dr Valnet

    Tegarome damaged skin care product Dr Valnet. Tegarome organic care product, first help, calms the small cutaneous accidents. Tegarome essential oil of lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, eucalyptus, cypress, geranium and niaouli Tegarome indicated for Bite of insects, jellyfishes Tegarome in scratches, bulbs, superficial burns, sunburns... Flask of 15 ml.

    7,08 €
  • Neck, Shoulder & Wrist HeatWraps THERMACARE PATCH

    The warm compress ThermaCare gets a therapeutic continuous heat to relieve the pain > Relax muscles and relieves the joints(articulations) > Effective and targeted reassurance(relief) Positionnable on the nape of the neck, the shoulder or the wrist. Single-use - odourless 8 hours of constant heat Box of 2 patchs

    5,75 €
  • BLOXAPHTE Gel acide hyaluronique Aphte

    BLOXAPHTE gel adult anti aphte. Stop in the oral hurts and Ulcers! BloXaphte fight against ulcersFormula without alcohol, in the hyaluronique acidReduced the pain by effect barrierDo not prickFavor the cure of the ulcer.Tube tip pesters 10 ml

    5,83 €
  • Soothing Cream 3 in 1 anti itching NATURA Cinq sur Cinq

    Soothing cream 3 in 1 calms and relieves bites of insects and vegetables, calm down the irritations and the itches, hydrates the skin.Product Natura Cinq sur cinq in the calendula, the camomile, the lavender and the menthol (sensation of freshness). tube 40 G

    3,49 €

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