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Lumitherapist Led Device Filorga Led Booster face care 3 photo-regenerating programs Care Firmness, anti-imperfections, anti fatigue & radiance Kit contents 1 lumitherapist device + 1 led booster anti-ageing led light activator


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Indications Lumitherapist Led Device Filorga : For many years, light has been studied and used in order to benefit from its stimulating and regenerating properties. It stimulates the production of collagen, while preventing its deterioration, it brightens the complexion and it activates skin repair mechanisms. Based on these properties, the LUMITHERAPIST® has been specially designed to deal with the problems associated with ageing (wrinkles, blemishes, slackness) and to treat skin defects (imperfections, dull complexion, redness). It combines 3 colours (red, blue and yellow) which act in synergy to produce an overall result. Furthermore, for the first time in an LED device, the LUMITHERAPIST combines a LED- BOOSTER skincare product formulated with NCTF with a cocktail of active ingredients which encourage tissue regeneration and maximise the effect of the light. 3 photoregenerating programs Firmness (8 minutes): a comprehensive anti-ageing programme for sagging skin. Restoration of the density of the dermis, improvements of wrinkles and fine lines. Zero Defect Skin (8 minutes): a program to harmonize the complexion, improving dark blemishes (lentigos) and imperfections in greasy skin. Anti-fatigue Glow (8 minutes): a program for dull complexions, with loss of glow and energy. The LUMITHERAPIST ® operates in 3 LED wavelengths in order to emit light of a special luminosity (intensity) and colour (wavelength): 590 nm (yellow light), 625 nm (red light) and 470 nm (blue light). The selector key provides access to the predefined programs, with the colours adapted to each skincare product Instructions for use Lumitherapist Led Device Filorga : Before using the device for the first time, carefully read the LUMITHERAPIST Instruction Manual. - Application of the LED-BOOSTER® skincare product Apply the LED-BOOSTER® skincare product to the enWe recommend that you close your eyes throughout the treatment period. Once the session has finished, the program stops automatically. If you wish, you can then start another program and/or treat another specific area. Otherwise, disconnect the device. The device should be used every day, in the morning or in the evening, on thoroughly clean skin. You will notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. tire face or locally to the areas to be treated onto skin that is clean and free from make-up. - Program selection The LUMITHERAPIST® features 3 programmes specially designed to address specific skin problems. You can choose the programme which is best suited to your requirements and combine different programmes together in one treatment. Simply press the selector key to scroll through the various programs. To access the chosen treatment program, hold down the selector key. - using LUMITHERAPIST® Place the LUMITHERAPIST® directly on the skin and start the session by moving the device slowly over the skin surface. Use the device mainly on the areas to be treated. Beauty tip: it is possible to double the duration of the session by using a complete program for half the face Tolerance The LUMITHERAPIST® has been tested and approved according to the various current international standards, in order to ensure that the emitted light is not hazardous to the eyes. It is advisable to wear a pair of protective goggles for your own comfort and to close your eyes during the treatment process. *Clinical evaluation on 12 patients. Results after 4 weeks of daily usePresentation Lumitherapist Led Device Filorga Lumitherapist Led Device Filorga + 1 tube led booster care


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