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Syntholkine Gel Cryo SYNTHOL SYNTHOL

Syntholkine Gel Cryo SYNTHOL
7.29 EURO
7.73 USD

The Gel Cryo provokes a significant reduction in the temperature on the surface of the skin after a massage targeted in the painful place.

The Gel Cryo contains some alcohol and some natural menthol which bring a sensation of cold and allow an analgesic action. The alcohol absorbs some heat on the surface of the skin to evaporate, it is this mechanism which provokes the sensation of cold. The menthol settles on the thermorécepteurs of the skin and the body reacts as if we had applied of the cold.
The Gel Cryo also contains some essential oil of clove, renowned for its soothing properties.

Advices  of use syntholkine gel cryo :
it applies easily thanks to its bottle pump which delivers a precise dose in every pressure.
It penetrates easily on the painful zone thanks to its at once smooth and fluid pleasant texture..

.Precautions syntholkine gel cryo

Ask for a medical opinion in case of pregnancy, of diabetes, of poor blood circulation, of syndrome of Raynaud, neuropathies or polyarthrites without medical opinion.
The Gel Cryo does not have to be to use in children under age 15.
Do not apply to a wound or a hurt skin.
In association with a cream read attentively the note
Respect terms of service not use
in case of allergy in the Menthol, in the essential oil of nail of girogle or in the cold

Hold out of reach children

Bottle spray of 100 ML

arret de fabrication

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